Reputation Management

Your online reputation can be your best asset or your worst.  Studies show that 87% of consumers look for online business reviews before they decide who they want to do business with.  If you are not currently managing your online reputation, you could be sending your potential customers straight to your competition.  Your online reputation will directly affect how your customers think and feel about you and your business.  They will decide if they want to interact with your company before even walking through your door or ever speaking with you.



reputation management


Managing your online reputation is very important.  It shows potential customers how you interact with your current customers.  Most people skip over the good reviews and look right for the bad reviews.  This is where your business can shine.  No matter how hard you try, some people cannot be pleased and they may write a negative review about your business.  By responding and trying to “right the wrong”, you can turn a negative situation into a positive outcome.  By monitoring your online reviews, you can counter negative submissions with positive responses, showing initiative, professionalism, and true attention to customer service.