Landing Pages

MEP Network has excellent customer conversion rates!  We create quality, targeted landing pages that provide results.  Are you looking for exposure or customers?  Landing pages are vehicles used to expose your business to a niche market looking for your specific products or services.  Because landing pages are so specific, the customer conversion rate is much higher than other marketing campaigns.

landing pagesCompanies that send their advertising, email, or social media traffic to their homepage are missing HUGE opportunities!  Potential customers search the internet for specifics, whether it be products or services.  Landing pages answer those specific needs.  People in general are impatient.  Landing pages provide quick solutions for potential customers which in turn creates ACTUAL customers.  Traditional marketing companies are always trying to sell “traffic”.  Traffic is not what you are looking for.  You are really looking for customers!

For example, your business runs a pay per click campaign utilizing your best keyword.  A potential customer lands on your homepage.  Now what?  What are they supposed to do?  What do you WANT them to do?  Now the prospect has to decide these answers for them self.  Landing pages guide your prospects through the process with specific instructions.  Asking for what you want, provides results!  Landing pages turn prospects into customers!  That is your ultimate goal.